Splitter – jQuery Plugin

Splitter is a jQuery plugin that divides two more or more divs either vertically or horizontally and creates a draggable split bar to adjust the distance between the panes.

The look and feel can customized with CSS and it supports cookies to save and retrieve the position of the panes between page loads.

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Snippet – jQuery Syntax Highlighter Plugin

Snippet is a syntax highlighter jQuery plugin that makes it easy to highlight source code in HTML documents.

It supports 15 programming languages and can be extended to support more.

It also features 39 different color schemes, buttons to view plain text, copy the code to clipboard and open in a pop-up.

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Lava Lamp Style Navigation – jQuery Plugin

Spastic Nav is a lava lamp style jQuery navigation plugin.

It features options to control the positioning, timing, color and easing.

A demo is available here.

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Facebook Style List Selector – jQuery Plugin

fcbkListSelection is a Facebook style friend selector plugin that can be used to convert any unordered list in to a jQuery widget that simplifies selection of the list elements.

The project is still in early stages of development and a method of pre-selecting elements in the markup has just been added (version 1.1).

Currently there are options for the width, height of the selector widget and also number of elements per row.

A demo is available and the project is also on Github.

This article is written in behalf of 02 Mobile Broadband.

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