Gcons – Web & Desktop Application Icon Set

Gcons is a set of 100 web and desktop application icons in 12 colours and in psd, png, jpg and gif formats at 32 x 32 px.

They are open source and free to use in both and personal and commercial projects.


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Free Arrow Icon Collection

Arrows is a collection of arrow icons available for free in .png format and at a cost of $24 in .psd, vector and font formats.


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Full Page Navigation Scrolling with Ascensor.js

Ascensor is a jQuery plugin that creates a full screen scrollable navigation area ideal for portfolio or brand sites.

Pages are navigated by clicking previous & next buttons or by clicking in the navigation area which is a customisable series of blocks that represent a map of the pages.

If a pages content is too large to fit on the screen it is still possible to scroll to view all content.

The plugin depends on the jQuery scrollTo plugin to scroll between pages.


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Sisyphus – Autosave Forms with Local Storage

Sisyphus is a lightweight(4.5 kb) jQuery plugin that uses local storage to auto save forms and prevents data that has not been submitted from being lost in the event of a power failure or a browser crash.

Optionally, the plugin allows you to customise how frequently the form is saved and to specify any fields excluded from saving.

There are also three callback functions that allow you to perform your own operations when a form is saved, a form is restored and when the form is freed of previously stored data.


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jOrgChart – jQuery Organisation Chart

jOrgChart is a jQuery plugin that displays a hierarchical organisational chart from a html list structure.

It features drag and drop but this requires the jQuery UI library and there doesn’t seem to be a built in method to save the updated tree structure.

The chart can be styled with css and each node can be collapsed & expanded by clicking on it.


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jQuery Auto Suggest Plugin

Auto Suggest is a lightweight (6kb minified) jQuery auto-complete plugin with lots of features.

The plugin features over 25 options and callbacks and is styled using only css which makes it one of the most customisable auto-complete plugins available.

Data can be created as an object or loaded via ajax from a URL which is processed server side.

Keyboard support to make a new selection is also provided in the latest version.


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