pChart – PHP Chart Framework

pChart is a php object oriented based framework that can create anti-aliased charts, pictures, shapes and bar codes.

Some of its features include:

  • Native anti-aliasing for lines, curves, boxes, rounded boxes, circles and polygons.
  • Bar, spline, stacked, normalised, radar, polar, 2D & 3D pie, area, bubble scatter, ring, surface and zone charts.
  • Shadow support.
  • Alpha-transparency.
  • Spline and Bezier curve computing.
  • Customisation of scaling and units.
  • Multiple axis and axis inversion.
  • Means and deviation computing.
  • Functions computing.
  • Much more extended functionality including bar code support.

Charts or images can be displayed in the client browser, sent by mail or inserted it into PDFs.

It has extensive documentation and is supported by an active community.


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