Bind Keyboard Shortcuts in JavaScript with Mousetrap

Mousetrap is a lightweight (1.4kb minified and gzipped) standalone JavaScript library for handling keyboard shortcuts.

It has been tested in all common browsers and will also work in legacy browsers such as IE6.

It also supports special keys such as: shift, ctrl, alt, option, meta, command, backspace, tab, enter, return, capslock, esc, pageup, pagedown, end, home, left, up, right, down, and del.

Key presses are typically bound to a callback function using: Mousetrap.bind('/', _focusSearch); however the documentation provides more detailed guidance on using more advanced features such as key combinations and sequences.


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Filters – jQuery Filter Plugin

Filters is a jQuery plugin (similar to Quicksand) that allows items in a list to be filtered using a custom cool animation.

Items can be faded in and out, moved using a standard css3 animation or you can create your own custom animation.

The plugin is free for non commercial use but a commercial license is otherwise required from jsCraft.


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Grumble.js – Bubble Tool Tips

Grumble.js is jQuery tool tip plugin that can rotate its axis 360 degrees and adjust its distance around the element.

The size of the bubble automatically adjusts to fit the size of its content.

It works in legacy browsers including IE6 and the timings and distances can be configured in the settings.


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Sliding Tabs jQuery Plugin

Sliding Tabs is a lightweight (6kb) jQuery plugin that features unlimited horizontal or vertical tabs that are scrollable with the mouse wheel or directional buttons.

The use of the mouse wheel and easing requires the respective jQuery plugins.

Some of its main features include:

  • Create any number of tabs.
  • Fade, slide horizontal and slide vertical transitions.
  • Easing plugin for sliding effects.
  • Auto height adjustment
  • Open tabs via external links or the URL.
  • Autoplay support
  • Interval time can be set in the options.
  • Save the active/current tab state.
  • Dynamic directional buttons.
  • Cross-browser compatible.

It requires a commercial license which costs only $8 from code canyon.


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pChart – PHP Chart Framework

pChart is a php object oriented based framework that can create anti-aliased charts, pictures, shapes and bar codes.

Some of its features include:

  • Native anti-aliasing for lines, curves, boxes, rounded boxes, circles and polygons.
  • Bar, spline, stacked, normalised, radar, polar, 2D & 3D pie, area, bubble scatter, ring, surface and zone charts.
  • Shadow support.
  • Alpha-transparency.
  • Spline and Bezier curve computing.
  • Customisation of scaling and units.
  • Multiple axis and axis inversion.
  • Means and deviation computing.
  • Functions computing.
  • Much more extended functionality including bar code support.

Charts or images can be displayed in the client browser, sent by mail or inserted it into PDFs.

It has extensive documentation and is supported by an active community.


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