Touch Supported jQuery Slider Plugin

jQuery Slider is a configurable slider plugin that also works on webkit based touch devices such as iOS and Android.

It has four built in themes and many other options to customise the plugin.


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Vanity – Lightweight jQuery Toolset

Vanity is a collection of lightweight tools for jQuery. It currently consists of jSlider, jSpotlight, jTabs, jPaginate, jPlaceholder, jTip and jCollapse viagra chez pfizer.

The  plugins are fully documented with demos and consist of lots of customisation options. Each have a small footprint and can be downloaded and used individually or as a complete set.


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Gridster – jQuery Drag & Drop Multi Column Grids

Gridster is a jQuery multi grid layout plugin which also allows dragging & dropping of elements of different sizes between columns.

There is also an API that allows dynamic addition and removal of elements and a method to get a serialised array of all the elements positions.

A number of configuration options will allow you to define the number of columns, rows and margins.


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